03.05.2021 - Gift from Administration: type /lion ingame to get FREE Pearce Lion Pet
03.09.2021 - Server Opening at 29.October 17.00 Server time

Freebies and other ways to earn Wcoins/Ruud

Commands to get items ingame, type this command online

Startergift lucky set 1lvl: /lucky

Lion pet: /lion

Level rewards for X10 NORESET server
400lvl Type: /level400 to Get Conqueror badge
800lvl Type: /level800 To Get Full option Earings

Earn Wcoins

1Master Level point = 1Wcoin

IceWind Walley: Every day server 1, reward 2000Wcoins
Castle Siege: Every Saturday: Siege winner guild master gets: 10'000Wcoins

Hunt and kill Sheep in Lorencia: Get Wcoins

Green Sheep: 10 Wcoins
Red Sheep: 15 Wcoins
Purple Sheep: 20 Wcoins
White Sheep: 25 Wcoins

Published by ZenMu 28/10/2021