03.09.2021 - Server Opening at 17.September 17.00 Server time
03.05.2021 - Gift from Administration: type /boost ingame to get FREE red fenrir

Updates V3

Weekly maintenance and updates have been applied to the server, to play run launcher to get an automatic update!

Fixed MG new skill Chaos Blade OP damage
Update monster HP/defense/attack all maps
Added Ruud Box/Harmony drop in Ashen Aida
Fixed Kundun/Medusa drop
Enabled /luckyme free lucky set (can't be upgraded for now)
And other fixes

We are planning to open ZenMu NoRESET server at start of November!


Updates V2

Updates in progress, the server will be back in 15minutes!
Fixed event wings proper damage/defense
Top shields can be used by all classes now(who can wear them)
Fixed reported
Added combo delay ~1sec
Added support of new harmony bonus option smelting
Fixed harmony options disappearance
Fixed pentagram disappearance issues
And other bug fixes that were reported!
Run Launcher to get an automatic update or download manually HERE and extract over old client!

Added new VIP reward starting from VIP Silver (VIP status is given free for PlayPoints purchases, check VIP page HERE)
Command /vipsilver2
Item: Pearce Lion



Zenmu Season 16 Part 2-2 MG Awakening Opening 17.September

Season 16 Part 2-2 Updates and new Features

Magic Gladiator Renewal items: Soul Magic Two-Hand Sword, Silver Heart Magic Two-Hand Sword

Magic Gladiator Renewal Skills: Skills: Chaos Blade, Havok Spear

New Magic Gladiator Skills:
Guardian & Gray Aida Elite Zone
Gun Crusher Buff Skill
Aida of the Grayish New Sanang Place
Maximum Character Level 1350 Expansion & Season Reward
Renewal of Jewel of Harmony

Miniboss invasions every hour with spawn location is announced in-game, hunt those to get RUUD/Custom Jewels/Wcoins!

Starter gifts for all players: Type in-game /boost and receive 3days Skeleton pet, Skeleton Transformation ring, Deamon, Guardian and Red Fenrir!

Old players: 100% back of Donations made

Opening Times: 12.March!
[UTC +2, 18.00-Poland]
[UTC +8, 24.00-Philipines]
[UTC -3 13.00-Argentina]

Version: Season 16 Part 2-2
Experience: X5000
Points per level: Standart 5/7, Max stats 32000

Reset information

400lvl in game type: /reset, costs 1kk zen * Reset (max cost 200kk), reward: 20Wcoins
Stats burns: Free stats: 500
Experience Normal/Mastery/Majestic 5000x

Grand Reset: From 100 resets: Resets and Stats burns: Reward: 2000Wcoins + 50'000 Ruud in website

Useful commands, all command check here: ZenMu Ingame Commands

/npc Open NPC shop to sell unused items anywhere in game
/store Open your vault anywhere ingame
/event Check events time
/addstats Automatically distribute all stats evenly on all positions
/antilag Check antilag info to boost FPS

Drops on All maps:

Pets: Panda, Skeleton, Pet unicorn, Demon, Spirit of Guardian
Silver, Gold medals: Items, Weapons +11+13
Box of Luck: Jewels
Chocolate/Candy boxes: Exc items and weapons/Ancient items
800+level maps: Ruud Coins

Webshop: Disabled
Xshop: Buy or Gift Buffs, Pets, Seals, Wings, Jewels
Offtrade: Sell your items to other players while being offline
Personal store: Sell your items to other players for Wcoins

Offlevel: 12hours regular offleveling/ 24hours VIP

Hunt and kill Sheeps in Lorencia: Get Wcoins

Green Sheep: 10 Wcoins
Red Sheep: 15 Wcoins
Purple Sheep: 20 Wcoins
White Sheep: 25 Wcoins